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velour car wash towel car drying towel super plush microfibre cloth
Microfibre Velour Fluffy Car Wash Towel
90cm x 60cm (3' x 2') 
Plush Grey Microfibre Towel with Black Edging
60cm x 40cm (24" x 16") 
Plush Yellow Microfibre Towel with Black Edging
60cm x 40cm (24" x 16")
giant microfibre glass or optic microfibre cloth plush microfibre towel
Microfibre Cloth - Giant
24" x 33", these plush blue cloths could double up as a small bath towel!
Microfibre Glass Cloths: Large Green and Small Blue
Green (65cm x 40cm) or 26" x 16"
Blue (35cm x 35cm) or 14" x 14"
Microfibre Cloth - Std Plush
40cm x 40cm (16" x 16"), green, yellow, pink, white and blue.
microfibre microfibre waffle cloth microfibre
Microfibre Cloth - Heavy Large
65cm x 40cm (26" x 16"), large green microfibre cloth, also available in blue.
Microfibre Waffle Cloth
76cm x 56cm (30" x 22"), also available in blue.
Microfibre Cloth - Std Fine
Individually packaged 16" x 16" yellow cloth - excellent for glass polishing. End of line discounts available - bulk only.
wax applicator pad wax applicator pad with pocket foam wax applicator
Microfibre Polish Pads with elastic
4.5" diameter
Cotton Polish Pads with pocket
5" diameter
Foam Wax Applicator pad
Yellow circular pad.
magic melamine sponge terri wax applicator pad

Magic Sponges (melamine sponges)
125mm x 70mm x 30mm
(5" x 3" x 1" approx)

Towelling Wax Applicator pad
4" x 6". Terri covered. Also available in 5" x 3".
Bug Sponges
Paintwork safe. Sponge with nylon mesh for fast easy bug removal.
tyre dressing sponge tyre dressing sponge crunchy
Tyre Dressing Sponges - Round
For applying tyre and vinyl dressing. Unlike stockinette doesn't leave a lint residue.
Tyre Dressing Sponges - Crescent
For applying tyre and vinyl dressing. Unlike stockinette doesn't leave a lint residue.
3" x 3" x 5" sponge. Suitable for interiors, glass and paintwork.
wash mitt chenille wash mitt

Washmitt with cuff
Heavy duty. 9" x 7".

Wiggle Mitt
Other colours available for bulk orders.
Synthetic lightweight polishing mitt
Basic mitt. Trade users prefer the heavy duty one.
bucket scratch shield bucket grate flexi blade
Capacity 5 US gallons. Not branded - the printing is a safety warning.
Scratch Shield Bucket Grate
Supplied flatpacked and fits most buckets.
Quick Wipers
Similar to hydra flexi blades, great for getting water off cars quickly.
pva cloth
flunkey clay bar
PVA Cloths in tubes
Available in two sizes: 42cm x 32cm and 64cm x 43cm
Synthetic Chamois
PVA material. Will not mildew or rot. Highly absorbent. 54cm x 44cm (standard size) or 84cm x 59cm (extra large).
Clay Bars
Purple (coarse) and grey (fine): ideal for getting rid of overspray & fallout. Boxes can be supplied with instructions for use or you can buy plain boxes to add your own branded instructions. We sell the clay bars in both 200 gram and 100 gram sizes.
clay towels blade holder
Clay Towels
Blue medium grade and red fine grade, towels measure 30cm x 30cm.
Retractable blade holder
Push-up blade holder.
3 way scraper
Takes standard blades or red plastic blades.
single edged blades
scrunges steel wool
Stainless Steel Blades
Can be used with retractable or three-way blade holders.
Hybrid scrubber/sponge. Ideal for interiors and glass. Not suitable for paintwork.
Steel Wool
5lb rolls.
car duster cellulose polishing sponge steel wool
Car Duster
Cellulose 'bone' shaped pads
Available in blue or yellowy-beige
Steel Wool
0, 00, 000 and 0000 grades; 16 pads per pack. Also 5lb rolls.
Microfibre pad with pocket
Diameter 6" (15cm)

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