Site updated September 2014

32mm & 38mm diameter.

Hose End Swivels
32mm & 38mm. To fit Numatic-type wet and dry cleaners.

Hose End Cuffs
32mm and 38mm with screw and snap fix fastenings.

Crevice Tools + adaptors
38mm (top)
32mm (bottom)

**New** we can now offer an extra long 32mm crevice tool (345mm, about 10cm/4" longer than standard)

Stainless Steel Crevice Tool
38mm (top)
Longer than the standard one pictured above, this hardwearing tool is 37cm long.

Intake Flange
Body flange for wet & dry vacuums, Numatic types CT and CTD range.

Clear upholstery shroud
To fit Numatic style 32mm hand-extraction tool.

Henry and George-style bags
To fit Numatic type MVM1B (Henry) and MVM2B (George) types. Supplied in packs of 10.


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