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Foam Pads
We sell two varieties - those pictured here, which require a 14mm connector, and the velcro-backed pads. Use Orange for compounding and white for polishing.


Double sided mopheads
Double Side Heads: Buff & Shine
8" diameter. 1.5" pile height. Natural - 100% wool compounding pad. Yellow - 50% wool/50% acrylic light cutting pad. 14mm brass adaptor needed to connect heads to machine

Contour Foam Pads: Buff & Shine
9.5" diameter. 1.5" thick. Green light cutting pad - 60ppi. Black finishing pad - 80ppi.

Recessed Back Foam Pads: Buff & Shine
8" diameter. 1.75" thick. Yellow light cutting pad - 50ppi. Blue finishing pad - 70ppi. White finishing pad - 100ppi.

Backing plate: Buff & Shine
( for use with Contour Foam Pads and Recessed Back Foam Pads
7.25" diameter. 14mm x 11" thread

6" Direct Mount Pads (5/8" thread) - see special offers
6" diameter. 2" thick. Yellow flat face - light cutting pad. Black flat face - finishing pad.

Buffing Apron
White lightweight cotton. Useful pockets.


Pad Cleaning Spur
For use with wool and wool/acrylic heads

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